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Ep.11 | INTRODUCING CASABAJA | Renowned Local Developers Sam and Chino

by Spotify   RARE Conversations

Welcome to RARE Conversations, a podcast about life in the beautiful town of Todos Santos. In each episode, we'll be covering a range of topics relating to community outreach, real estate and property management, arts and restaurants, and lifestyle in Baja California Sur. Our goal is to provide listeners with an insiders' view of what it's like to live in this amazing place. Whether you're thinking about making a move to Todos Santos or you're just curious about what life here is like, RARE Conversations is the perfect place for you. So tune in and join the conversation!

Tue, 07 May 2024

Ep.11 | INTRODUCING CASABAJA | Renowned Local Developers Sam and Chino

In this new episode of our podcast RARE Conversations, our broker Richie is joined by our agent Tyson Gargas and local developers Sam Galina and Ricardo Arteaga from CasaBaja, the minds behind our listing and filming location Casa Rincón De Luna in the Las Tunas neighborhood of Todos Santos.

Join us for an interesting chat where we learn more about how CasaBaja started, their philosophy, building style, creative process, and Sam and Chino’s take on important topics like the real estate market, being a part of the Todos Santos community and of course more about the stunning Casa Rincón De Luna.

Thank you Sam and Chino for joining us on this episode! If you’d like to know more about their company or projects visit the links below.

Rincon De Luna:

Casa Baja’s website:

Our Website:


1:13 How CasaBaja started

2:25 Rincon de Luna

4:12 Building Style

5:29 Dynamic and Creative Process

11:40 What Brought you to Baja

19:25 Market Talk

25:05 What Sets CasaBaja Apart

33:08 Community Effort

34:56 Perfect Day in Baja

38:21 Final Thoughts

Wed, 22 Nov 2023

Ep. 10 | Explorando la arquitectura de Todos Santos con Irving De La Rosa

En este nuevo episodio de RARE Conversations, nuestra agente Perla Garnica y el reconocido arquitecto Irving De La Rosa, se sumergen en una conversación fascinante. Descubre la inspiradora trayectoria de Irving, desde sus inicios hasta convertirse en una figura de la arquitectura local. Exploran el peculiar estilo arquitectónico de la zona y profundizan en su último proyecto, Casa Sara en La Ahorcadita, representado por Ricardo Amigo, una obra maestra que captura la esencia auténtica de Todos Santos.

Irving comparte detalles únicos sobre Casa Sara, un espacio que refleja su creatividad, experiencia y amor por la Baja. Únete a esta plática imperdible sobre la visión de cada proyecto de Irving, y descubre cómo Casa Sara redefine la vida en Todos Santos.

¿Interesado en su último proyecto? Encuentra más detalles sobre Casa Sara aquí Sumérgete en el mundo arquitectónico de Todos Santos y acompáñanos en esta inspiradora conversación. ¡Suscríbete para más episodios llenos de historias que inspiran!

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Fri, 15 Sep 2023

Ep. 8 | Descubriendo Tuna Pescadero: Una Comunidad Nueva

En este podcast de Rare Conversations, Evelyn Urías entrevista a José Manuel Díaz, director de proyecto de Tuna Pescadero, una comunidad residencial ubicada en Baja California Sur. José Manuel comparte su experiencia de 20 años en la construcción de comunidades y destaca la belleza natural de la zona donde se encuentra Tuna Pescadero, cerca de la playa y rodeada de vegetación. La comunidad ofrece 30 villas y 36 townhomes con diversas amenidades en una casa club tipo resort. Se enfocan en crear una comunidad integrada, donde los residentes pueden disfrutar de la naturaleza y practicar actividades al aire libre como caminar y andar en bicicleta. Además, Tuna Pescadero se encuentra en una ubicación privilegiada, a una hora de los aeropuertos de San José del Cabo y La Paz, y a diez minutos del encantador pueblo de Todos Santos. El desarrollo también se enfoca en la sostenibilidad, con una planta de tratamiento de aguas residuales y viviendas construidas utilizando moldes de concreto para aprovechar la luz natural. La casa club cuenta con amenidades como alberca, cancha de picking ball, área de restaurantes y gimnasio, además de áreas verdes y un rooftop de cactus con vistas al mar. En resumen, este podcast ofrece una visión completa de Tuna Pescadero, destacando sus características únicas, su ubicación privilegiada y su enfoque en la sostenibilidad y la calidad de vida de sus residentes.

Fri, 25 Aug 2023

Ep. 7 | Modern Elder Academy in Pescadero with Chip Conley

Dive into a new episode of RARE Conversations as Richie welcomes Chip Conley, the visionary behind the Modern Elder Academy in Pescadero, to the podcast.

Join us as we explore the revolutionary concept of the Modern Elder Academy, a unique institution empowering individuals to embrace a new chapter of wisdom, growth, and contribution. Chip Conley, renowned entrepreneur, author, and hospitality maverick, shares insights into creating an enriching environment that bridges generations and cultures.

From the stunning landscapes of Pescadero, Chip Conley reveals the inspiration behind the academy and its profound impact on individuals seeking to navigate transitions and make meaningful contributions to society.

🌐 Learn more about Modern Elder Academy:

🌐 Learn more about Ricardo Amigo Real Estate:

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Tue, 14 Mar 2023

Ep: 6 Todos Santos Market Overview

Join Richie, along with trusted agent Aaron Balducci, as they dive deep into the fascinating world of real estate in Todos Santos, Mexico. 

In this episode, you'll learn about the history of the market, its current trends and challenges, and what the future may hold for buyers and sellers alike. From the town's rich cultural heritage to its newest amenities and attractions, Richie and Aaron provide a comprehensive overview of what makes Todos Santos such a unique and compelling place to invest in real estate. Whether you're a seasoned investor or a first-time buyer, this podcast is sure to offer valuable insights and perspectives on this dynamic market.

Tue, 13 Dec 2022

Ep 5: Teatro Pescadero with Dillon Porter

In this new episode, Richie is joined by Dillon Porter, Co-founder of Teatro Pescadero, one of the area’s best-kept secrets!  Watch the full episode and learn more about the magic of theater, how this inspiring project started, and its impact on our community!  Support Teatro Pescadero and other local projects here:  #todossantos #pescadero #RARE #ricardoamigorealestate #baja #bajacaliforniasur #newpodcast #teatropescadero #pescadero #pescaderobcs

Mon, 21 Nov 2022

Ep 4: Alianza Cero Basura - Jenny Sutton & Juan Salvador Aceves

In this episode Richie is joined by Jenny Sutton and Salvador Aceves from Alianza Cero Basura, a group focused on helping our community to generate less waste, create circular economies and be more educated about waste management!

Learn more about this great initiative and how you can be a part of it through their social media channels and website linked below. 👇🏼

Fri, 21 Oct 2022

Ep 3: Talking Gastrovino Festival with Perla & Marina

Welcome to a new episode of RARE Conversations. Joining us today are Perla Garnica & Marina Garnica, founders of GastroVino, Baja food and Wine Festival. In our current episode we will discover the inspiration behind this event, the activities to be held as well as the restaurants and wineries involved this year for the 10th anniversary of the festival.

Perla shares that prior to founding GastroVino festival, back in 2012, she was mostly involved in Mexican wine distribution; multiple visits to Valle de Guadalupe and witnessing its events, inspired her to bring to life this unique festival merging the local-Mexican culinary experience with Baja-produced wines.

The last edition of the event was held in 2020, so this year makes its grand comeback. There will be a major participation of new restaurants in the Todos Santos and Pescadero area, in addition to restaurants from La Paz and Los Cabos alongside twenty wineries from Valle de Guadalupe. An outstanding aspect of the festival is giving back to the community, therefore each year it is dedicated to help a local organization, this year it supports "The Palapa Society", as it did 10 years ago. Additionally, to have partnered with the zero waste Alliance to have a waste-free event and with Water Ways Baja company to provide the attendees with free water stations.

Marina shares the selection of the restaurants that would be participating in the festival, and special events that will take place, such as a blind tasting sensorial experience hosted at a spectacular and private historic property in downtown Todos Santos. Over 44 restaurants will participate throughout the event, which will begin on Thursday, November 10th at a fine pairing dinner at the new restaurant, Botánica, at the iconic oceanfront Rancho Pescadero, and will culminate on Sunday, November 13th at the Sky Lounge at Hotel Guaycura with a sunset afterparty to join us at the final toast.

Great food, celebration, wine, performances, music and lots of enjoyment await for you  at GastroVino. To learn more, and purchase your tickets online visit our website:, or get them at Jazamango & Café La Perla, inside Plaza Amigos in Todos Santos, in La Paz at La Fabrica by 1240, in San José del Cabo at The Shoppes at Palmilla and Pez Gordo Gallery and in Cabo San Lucas at The Wine Market.

Fri, 07 Oct 2022

Ep 2: Padrino Children's Foundation - Dra. Alejandra Peña

Welcome to the second episode of RARE Conversations, our special guest today is Dr. Alejandra Peña, director of Padrino Children’s Foundation.

The Padrino Children's Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing access to professional medical care for children in need as well as services including physician consultations, diagnostic testing, transportation to appointments, medications, counseling and medical aids.

Beginning this life-changing project back in 2016 has had a tremendous impact both on the community and at a personal level for those who have dedicated their efforts towards building this organization.

In this insightful episode you will discover and learn more about Padrino Children’s Foundation and some of their stories behind their work helping children experience health and wellness. 

Join Richie and Dr. Alejandra to talk about the importance of giving back to the community in such a wholesome way.

To contact them, learn more and support them, you can visit their website:

Wed, 10 Aug 2022

Ep 1: Protection and Preparedness in Hurricane Season

When it comes to hurricane season, preparation is key. That's why we're excited to share this episode of RARE Conversations, which features Cabo Rockwell and Tyson Gargas speaking with Richard Friend about how to prepare your house and yourself for hurricanes. 

Cabo Rockwell is a property management expert here in the Todos Santos area. As well as having grown up living in Baja California Sur he has his fare share of hurricane experiences. With Cabo you'll learn what you need to do in preparing your home for any upcoming storms and helpful tips and tricks to keep you and your home safe while the storm passes. You can find more information about Cabo and his team at

Tyson Gargas is a Real Estate Agent in Todos Santos, Baja California Sur Prior to moving to Mexico Tyson spent years as a firefighter in the United States. Using his background Tyson will fill you in on what kind of protection kit you should have, where you should be ready to evacuate and how to be prepared for any emergencies.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone who wants to be prepared for hurricane season. Thanks for listening!


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