Property Administration

Owning a second home presents many challenges to part-time residents. As a full-service real estate company we provide property administration services to insure a sound investment for our buyers/owners.

Our service is quite simple. Members in our property administration program enjoy help with the paying of their utility bills, taxes, and filing of annual fideicomiso to help make your visits to your home as care free as possible.

We will also assist you in establishing new water and electric services, as well as transferring the names on the current utility accounts. Our property administration team will pay your gardener and cleaning service on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule.

These services are done through an escrow account and are designed to protect the long-term security and quality of both your home and the items inside it.

The following three options allow you to choose a package that best fits your needs:


Package 1: $200USD per year

This package includes notification and annual payment of

Fideicomiso - with whichever bank it is recorded with, ie (Banco Interacciones, HSBC, Bancomer, Banorte).
Property Taxes - in the local municipality or if needed be La Paz.



Package 2: $50USD per month / $600USD per year

In addition to the services of Package 1, this package includes

Notification and payment (annual & monthly) of monthly property expenses (Municipal water, electric, telephone, Ejido water).
Spreadsheet reflecting account activity sent to you on 1st of each month.



Package 3: $75USD per month / $900USD per year

Our final package offers, in addition to services named above

Payment of existing house staff (gardener, housekeeper). We do not pay construction jobs.
Obtaining new contracts or name change for utility services.



Please contact Bill Friend for more information:

cell: 612.171.0422