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What is an Apostille used for?

Most people within the USA might not be familiar with what an Apostille is, as Apostilles are used for international verification of signatures on documents. For documents used within the USA, an apostille is unnecessary.

An Apostille certificate is issued by the State government for documents signed by an official of that State. For instance, a document signed by a government official in Colorado cannot be apostilled in California; it requires a Colorado Apostille from the Colorado government.

What documents can you request an Apostille for?

An Apostille can be requested for nearly any official state-based document signed by an official of that state. Some documents may require additional steps to acquire an Apostille. Examples include:

*Indicates additional steps may be required.

Apostille on a Power of Attorney

If you desire an Apostille on a Power of Attorney, or similar documents, they must first be signed in the presence of a Notary. Following this, a "Notary Verification" from the County government certifies the legitimacy of the Notary. This involves verifying the Notary Public's commission and matching the signature on file.

Apostille on a Birth Certificate

For an Apostille on a Birth Certificate, ensure you have the most up-to-date version. If your certificate is outdated, you may need to obtain a new one from the county recorder's office before it can be apostilled.

How long will it take to obtain an Apostille?

The time to obtain an Apostille can vary but is generally quick if local government offices are readily accessible. For those who can wait 7-10 days, there are services that facilitate the process.

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