Manuel Humberto Frias

Manuel Humberto Frias

Legal Director

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Born and raised in Todos Santos, Manuel is a local through and through. After attending UBCS and working as a mechanic at his father's shop to finance his Law School education, Manuel embarked on a career with Ricardo Amigo Real Estate. In his role as Legal Department Director and Closing Expert, he guides clients through the intricate process of buying and selling homes and land. Manuel is a devoted member of his community, always seeking ways to contribute and support its growth. His experience in law and deep understanding of local regulations make him an invaluable resource for our clients. Before he turned his focus to real estate, Manuel enjoyed a thrilling career as a race car driver. Now retired from racing, he spends his leisure time traveling with his family, exploring new places and cultures. With a life as diverse and exciting as his, Manuel brings a unique perspective to the Ricardo Amigo team.

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