Luis R. Gonzalez

Luis R. Gonzalez

Paralegal Closing Assistant

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Originally hailing from Cananea, Sonora, Luis Rene brings an array of experiences to his role as Paralegal Closing Assistant at Ricardo Amigo Real Estate. Luis' journey started with studying English in a bilingual elementary school, leading to a year-long language upgrading course in the USA. To fund his tuition at the University of Sonora where he studied Public Management, Luis worked in various cities across Mexico's Northwest Region during summer and peak tourist seasons. This period of his life saw Luis gaining over 15 years of experience in various industries, including hospitality, customer service, and management. After acquiring his degree and license, Luis was drawn to the charm of Todos Santos and Pescadero in 2014. The unique blend of local traditions, diverse seasonal visitors, and the welcoming community resonated deeply with him. Prior to joining Ricardo Amigo in 2021, Luis worked as a freelancer in tourism and real estate. Now, as part of our legal team, he offers his specialty in paralegal services and expediting public paperwork. Beyond his professional life, Luis is an adventurer at heart who appreciates a good sunset, the night sky, and the thrill of bodysurfing at the beach. His rich experiences and dedication make him an invaluable asset to the team.

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