Lizeth Jannine Castro Alcalde

Lizeth Jannine Castro Alcalde

Front desk Manager

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Hailing from Tijuana, Jannine brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her dual role as Front Desk Manager and Listing Coordinator at Ricardo Amigo Real Estate. Equipped with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a Master's degree in Tourism, she has cultivated extensive expertise across banking, hospitality, and sales sectors. Her professional background is complemented by a strong emphasis on customer service, ensuring that all clients receive a warm welcome and dedicated support. A passionate traveler, Jannine's diverse interests extend well beyond her professional pursuits. Whether participating in philanthropic activities, embracing the great outdoors, or lighting up the dance floor, her zest for life is truly contagious. Above all, she cherishes spending quality time with family and friends, believing that these moments are the true essence of life's joy. As part of the Ricardo Amigo team, Jannine's vibrant personality, exceptional skills, and tireless dedication contribute significantly to our everyday operations and our commitment to outstanding client service.

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MEX (612) 161-2956