Iris Frias

Iris Frias


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Originally from Todos Santos, Iris is a dynamic professional who embodies the values of commitment, balance, and passion. As an alumna of UBCS with a degree in commerce, she brings a distinct, non-conformist perspective to her role as Office Manager at Ricardo Amigo Real Estate. Working alongside her brother Manuel since 2006, Iris has been a steadfast part of the Ricardo Amigo family. Beyond her professional responsibilities, she is deeply dedicated to aiding her community and caring for the environment. This sense of duty reflects her commitment to a balanced lifestyle, integrating work, fun, and health. Iris's drive, combined with her business acumen and community-focused approach, makes her an integral part of our team. Her tireless dedication not only contributes to our operational success but also fosters a positive and vibrant work environment.

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MEX (612) 159-5912