Claudia Montiel

Claudia Montiel

Account Manager / Hospitality

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Claudia, originally from Cuernavaca, has been an integral part of our team as a Property Management Partner. She completed her studies at the University of Mexico City and brings years of experience in the hospitality and customer service sectors to her role. Alongside her husband Cabo, Claudia successfully runs our Property Management division, where she excels in assisting clients with the management and care of their homes and properties. Her professional excellence is mirrored by her enthusiasm outside of work. A Crossfit enthusiast, Claudia personifies her dedication, strength, and tenacity in both her personal and professional life. Whether she's helping clients or hitting the gym, Claudia's energy and drive are always at the forefront. Her passion and commitment are evident in everything she does, making her a valued member of the Ricardo Amigo Real Estate team.

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